Sometimes one finds a golden needle in the haystack. A Spanish label released one of the most compelling Schumann recordings of recent years: the German-Japanese pianist Caterina Grewe dedicates her debut CD to the Davidsbündlertänze and the rarely played, virtuosic Third Sonata and creates a real sensation. I know of no recording of the two works that transforms Schumann's aesthetics, his wild, contrasting poetry, the bizarre passion of the sonata, and the variety of the dances so masterfully, so tellingly stringent and so poetically sensitive and at the same time so powerful and decisive in the most beautiful orchestral colours like this 28-year old exceptional talent. Grewe has the key to Schumann's soul. She has a musical maturity that allows her to put the poetic substance hidden behind all virtuosity in a clear and sensitive way. This sounds very romantic, yet the characters and the structural context are clearly marked, powerful and classy. I did not remember the Davidsbündlertänze to be so captivating, so plausible and sound-charismatic.​

Hifi and Records, October 2016