The music of Franz Liszt was a major element in Caterina Grewe's concert at Louth Music Club. The second half featured his Funérailles, the Sonetto 123, and the Dante Sonata.  These are complex and difficult pieces, not just in their technical demands, but also in their need for a strong interpretation to make sense out of their torrent of notes. This Caterina Grewe achieved with something to spare. The Dante Sonata was very exciting, and she emphasised the taut harmonic and rhythmic structure that Liszt employed in this and his later Sonata. This was at times a brutal, at times a poetic account, well thought out and played with total commitment, She certainly portrayed List as a virtuoso, but at the same time a revolutionary figure in the Romanic movement.
The first half of the concert was given over to two sonatas, by Beethoven and Prokofiev. Prokofiev's Sonata No.2, composed in 1914, has all the irony, and bite and suavity associated with his music of this period. Grewe brought out the bitter-sweet nature of the piece in its highly contrasted short movements. A different sort of pianism then was needed in the Beethoven, and she certainly projected the work's contrasting emotions.
The Beethoven sonata, 'The Tempest' was played superbly. The opening statement of this piece is so poetic, so atmospheric, Composed in 1802 it must have seemed light years away from the sonatas of Haydn, composed only 10 or so years before. Indeed, at times it was as if Beethoven had anticipated Liszt's Romanic vistas too. Caterina's playing was quite superb. She was able to give Beethoven's muse its head, and at the same time keep its formal structure intact. A marvellous reading of the work, played with style and wit.

David Kirshner
Louth International Concert Society, October 2013